While Mexico, this pageant, and making a difference are a big part of my life, they aren’t the only things that are important to me. Last month I finished my first year of university and I wanted to talk a little bit about what I am trying to get out of my post secondary education, what I’m taking at UVic, and where I want to be in the future.

Modelling, fashion and makeup have always been a passion of mine (seriously, I know Sephora like the back of my hand), but ever since I took band in grade six, I have been playing the flute. It was one thing that came quite easily to me, and I have always enjoyed the outcome from playing the instrument. It was actually a relatively easy decision for me to go into music after high school, despite it not being the most “sensible” choice of careers.

During my first year, I took almost only music courses, and I enjoyed a majority of them. It was really great to finally narrow down my education to just what I wanted, and needed, to learn about. I truly grew as a musician last year.

My major is, technically, just general music – however, at the end of second year I plan to audition to be a music performance major. This means that at the end of my degree, I intend to play in orchestras or solo concerts for a living, and I will probably teach private lessons on the side, so that I don’t end up homeless! I have accepted the fact that this will never be the highest paying job ever and I will sometimes struggle, but I am going after my passion and really doing what I love, which is something that I find to be very important.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! For anyone looking into post secondary education, I highly recommend UVic. It’s a beautiful campus and the school is small enough that students still receive a certain degree of attention from their professors.

I’ll leave you with a recording of a performance that I did a year ago, in case you’re interested in hearing me play! There’s also more where this came from – just check out my youtube channel (linked in my bio at the side of the page).

Hypnosis – Ian Clarke


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