The concept of beauty pageants has been around for many years. In fact, the first ever modern-esque pageant was held in 1859, in Scotland. Presently, pageants have developed and changed as the years have passed, and there are now thousands  offered across the world, and they have expanded to fit virtually every age group, ethnicity, size, and stage of life.

Canada has it’s own fair share of pageants, ranging from small regional shows to huge national competitions – and this is where Miss Teenage Canada (formerly Miss Teen Canada-World) comes in! Since 2008, MTC has been a forerunner in the pageant industry in Canada, and it is undoubtedly known as the biggest teen competition in Canada.

Though the modern day Miss Teenage Canada was created just six years ago in 2008, the concept of “Miss Teen Canada” was born in 1969. For the first three years it was open, this competition was entitled the “Miss Teenage Canada” pageant (exactly like the modern day version I’m participating in, in July!). However, in 1972 it was renamed “Miss Teen Canada“, and this is the pageant that most parents remember. This pageant was a very large one – it was televised by CTV and it was all over the newspapers. This is partially due to the fact that pageants were very popular in that time period. Winners were given huge opportunities, including high-profile appearances and trips across the globe. The Miss Teen Canada pageant was, unfortunately, shut down in 1990 due to financial issues.

One of the main reasons why I decided I wanted to participate in Miss Teenage Canada was because of my aunt, Nancy-Jane. She competed in Miss Teen Canada in 1977 representing Sudbury, and she won! I found numerous images and snippets about her in newspapers due to the success that she found from her title. She was given numerous opportunities during her reign, including an all-expense paid week long trip to England! Her experience was a strong contributor in making me decide that I wanted to participate in something like Miss Teen Canada.

The boy on the left is my dad, by the way!

All images taken from the INCO Triangle in 1977

Miss Teenage Canada, as I stated earlier, is the top teen pageant in Canada. Owned by MTC-W Productions and produced by Michelle Weswaldi, it’s success can be attributed to it’s huge list of prizes for the winner, it’s incredible media exposure, the notable people that have hosted and judged it, as well as the fact that each delegate is chosen from a preliminary pageant held in their home province. Each winner of Miss Teenage Canada is given the opportunity to participate in Miss Teen Universe, which would be an incredibly cool experience to have.

Miss Teenage Canada does not only provide opportunities for its delegates – it also contributes to numerous charities. This year and in past years, Miss Teenage Canada has been working with Free the Children, contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the charity each year. This year alone, Miss Teenage Canada will make a minimum of $25,000 to donate to Free the Children through their delegates. Each provincial pageant also represents a charity – in Alberta this year, we raised funds for Cardiac Kids. Additionally, each winner of Miss Teenage Canada receives a trip through Me to We to Kenya, which increases the level of first-world support going into third-world countries.

I, personally, applied for Miss Teenage Canada because I’d seen their Facebook page, and I knew a few other girls that had participated in years past. I am so incredibly grateful to have this opportunity, and I can’t believe that in 11 days I’ll be boarding a plane to Toronto! This experience has given me so much more confidence in public, and it has allowed me to make some truly amazing friends. I know that if I were to win, I would be incredibly excited to really promote my platform and the organization that I represent, Live Different. I’d also be very happy to take my title with me to Mexico in August! I’d like to be a positive role model for girls across the country, just like my aunt was (and still is today!). There hasn’t been a winner representing Alberta yet – so, of course, I’d like to be the first!

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