Our society is deeply influenced by the social media through various networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and much more.  Social networking has created a new phenomenon that has allowed people from all parts of the word to communicate with each other easily and quickly. However, nothing is perfect and indeed networks such as facebook are not perfect. For example, younger generations are not developing vital social skills because of communicating largely by messaging. With each new invention, comes the pros and cons. Because social networks influence practically all people regardless of gender, race or age, I thought it would be interesting to explore this topic.

Social networking has enabled people from all over the world to communicate with each other easily, efficiently, and quickly. Social networking played a significant role with the revolts that occurred throughout parts of Northern Africa and the Middle East last year. It allowed people to communicate ideas amongst each other and it allowed them to share their demonstrations to the world, even though governments had restricted access of foreign press. With the spread of ideas and knowledge through the social networks, it empowered people to take action and fight for a better government resulting in a desired improvement of standard of living. Such large and powerful revolts were able to occur with the use of communication amongst people that had not always been so easily accessible in the past. Activists in Tunisia and Egypt were able to have successful protests because of the ability to communicate with a great sum of people quickly and easily.

Although social networking has been embraced by many people as a useful tool for easy communication, it has also been criticized by many people for its damaging effects on youth. A large group of facebook users are indeed adolescents who are in a certain age where their social skills are rapidly developing. These social skills will be vital for the adolescents in future scenarios such as the workplace. However, more and more youth are choosing to communicate solely by messaging and are opting out of usual social activities. Youth are spending more of their time on the computer where they would otherwise be involved with activities such as clubs, sport teams, volunteering/working and spending time with family and friends.In fact, Facebook has become so popular that people will, on average, spend over 700 minutes monthly on facebook alone!

What do you think about the social networking in our society? Do you think we must overlook the damages it has on youth or should we embrace it to a full extent? I would love to hear from YOU!

Written by: Bita Malekian

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