Everyone has certain opportunities in life. They can be brought on by your own hard work, and sometimes pure luck does its magic. But every once in a while they can be brought on by your environment. My environment has been very generous to me and I have had many amazing experiences and opportunities that I couldn’t have ever imagined. That environment is… You guessed it!… Canada!

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(With Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi on July 1, 2015)

Canada is actually an amazing place, and the more you think about it the better it gets. Here are just some examples as to why Canada is just so awesome.

–       Our landscape ranges from mountains to prairies to forests to beaches. There is a landscape for every traveler.

–       We legalized same sex marriage way back in 2005 – isn’t this the best prove of respect to human rights?

–       Canadian money is both water proof and stylish for those times that you forget to empty the pockets on your dirty jeans J

–       If you send a letter to Santa (at North Pole, HOH OHO, Canada) you will get a letter back from Santa.

–       Hawaiian pizza actually originated in Ontario

–       Alberta is completely rat free (not really a full Canadian thing, but I mean, it counts!)

–       And who on earth doesn’t like maple syrup (sure isn’t me )


Canada is a land of opportunities & “wishes come true”.  So many wonderful things have happened to me & my family since we moved here. My dad who had a lifelong passion for photography finally was able to quit his day job as petroleum engineer to pursue his dream. He started his own photography business and opened his… very own gallery in downtown Calgary!  Even this amazing journey with Miss Teenage Canada, that teaches me great values in life like helping charities, boosts my self-confidence, develops my leadership skills, stage presence & communication – all these would never had happened had we not moved to Canada J

The opportunities for youth are endless in Canada. Only here immature high school students are allowed to get access under mentorship to very expensive & sophisticated labs at the University to test their innovative ideas & theories in microbiology! We are encouraged to do so by all the great events, science fairs & competitions in scientific fields. In my teenage life I have already put on experiments to knock in & out the DNA of an HIV virus to modify it & test if it can be made less harmful to humans. How amazing is that! There is more… not so long ago I also participated in the carrier orientation program & was allowed to spend a day in the hospital shadowing an anesthesiologist (who I am very thankful to) and watching many incredible surgeries! As a result of all these endless opportunities, young people can consciously choose a lifelong carrier (which they will love) & be much happier individuals, i.e. form much healthier & happier society in the future.

People in Canada are all very nice & supportive to each other. The mix of different cultures in Canada requires respect & tolerance & those are some of the best qualities Canadians should be proud of.

Just to finish this post off I want to make sure to point out that there are definitely amazing countries out there and that no country is perfect but all the countries and societies have different strengths and weaknesses and where you want to be totally depends on what qualities you prioritize. I love Canada from my whole heart & feel proud to be Canadian!

Valley of ten picks

Just one of my dads photos – Valley of ten picks, Alberta, Canada

Thank you!



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