So while I know that I definitely did not raise the most money of all the delegates for Free the Children, I successfully surpassed the goal of $400, and I wanted to share exactly how I did that! This time around, I didn’t want to just ask for donations – I wanted to ensure that everyone who donated towards Free the Children would get something in return.

My initial idea was to sell makeup brush holders, because I’ve been making my own out of pieces of sample fabric for quite a while (if you’re interested in having one, let me know!). However, I decided that the quality was not what I wanted it to be, and I scrapped the idea pretty quickly.

My mom had seen these types of wrap bracelets all over the web selling for hundreds of dollars, and she decided that she could give making one of them a go. The final product turned out really well, and we decided that we were onto something! I’m not very good with beads and making bracelets, but my mom has made dozens of these gorgeous wrap bracelets and we have sold almost all of them. We decided that one of the easiest ways to sell these bracelets would be on Etsy, so we created our own store (to check it out, click here!). However, we managed to sell a majority of the bracelets in person. Selling the bracelets alone fundraised about 80% of the monetary goal.

To conclude the fundraising, I wanted to have an event that made a little bit of money for Free the Children, but also gave back a little to those who have supported me throughout this entire journey. After planning it for about three weeks, I had managed to secure a venue in my community, seven vendors who generously would be donating a portion of their sales to Free the Children, and numerous silent auction prizes donated by businesses and individuals. Because of my crazy work schedule, my mom and I basically put the fundraiser together the day of (we both did a lot of running around!) and so I was quite nervous that it wasn’t going to go smoothly.

My worries were put to rest as soon as the fundraiser began. We had a decent turnout (between 20 and 30 people) and the door prize, which was comprised of items donated by each of the vendors, was a really good basket of items! People seemed to really be enjoying themselves, and were talking, browsing the vendors, and eating my homemade cookies 🙂 We also managed to see almost all of our bracelets there as well! The night went by incredibly quickly, and before I knew it, it was already 9pm. We managed to sell all of the silent auction items, and each vendor made a decent profit as well. That night alone, we managed to fundraise over $400 for Free the Children, which is a total I never expected. I was hoping for $100-$150 max, and I never expected to make this much in one night! I can’t thank those who came out enough – you are all amazing. A HUGE thank you also goes out to my mom, for all of the running around and planning she helped me with.

I set out to reach the $400 goal for my fundraising, and I more than doubled that goal. I am so happy to have contributed this much for Free the Children, and I’m really excited to have done it in fun, unique ways! Thank you to everyone who bought something or donated – I couldn’t have done it without you.

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