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I would like to welcome you to my blog. This is where I will be posting about my journey as Miss Teenage West Calgary for the next couple months. Not too long ago I participated in the miss Teenage Alberta pageant and I am now a proud representative of West Calgary. I am a grade 10 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. I am currently enrolled in the IB program and am on the high honour roll. This year I participated in the Calgary Youth Science Fair winning a gold medal, Alberta Genome award, and a spot as a representative of Alberta at the Canada Wide Science Fair in New Brunswick. Canada Wide was a blast and I ended up bringing home a silver medal.

I dream of becoming a paediatrician. It would combine my love of kids and my passion of science for my science fair project I was actually working in a lab to test if a mutation in the DNA of HIV would make it less harmful to the host. If you want to know more check out the CWSF website. I also made a 1 minute video introducing my project.

I am also a competitive figure skater and dancer. I do ballet, lyrical, jazz, contemporary and a little bit of acro and tap. Competition season just ended as well.

I love to play guitar I like to play a variety of music from frank Sinatra to Ed Sheeran.

I also do traditional Azeri dance and last night I performed at the Arts & Music Evening for the Baha’i community. And I speak Russian and French. I am a HUGE fan of photography! Here are some of my personal favourite photos (It was tough to chose so I will be posting some of my old photos at the end of future posts):

 we were on a road trip and my dad stopped to take pictures (He is actually a photographer) of some flowers and… so did I

  This was a very lovely plant along the path of our lake louise hike. The sunlight was perfect so it turned out ok.

I currently volunteer at Canadian Blood Services every tuesday, I assist at dance on wednesdays, lead robotics workshops, and summers I volunteer at Kids Cancer Care. I believe that everyone needs a little bit of help and being so blessed myself it’s my duty to give back.

I have a multitalented family. My dad is a market analyst and he is also a pilot and a landscape photographer with his own gallery in downtown Calgary. My mom is a finance manager and she also plays piano, composes music and produces music videos. And my 11 year old brother is into robotics and has just built a 3D printer and engineered a prosthetic hand for the science fair.

For my platform I am creating awareness, fundraising, and recruiting donors for the Canadian Blood Services where I currently volunteer on a weekly basis. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to live, that no matter what you’ve done it always comes done to the last minute they either find a watch or they wont. I’m hoping to bring the medias attention to the national shortage of blood donors.

I recently made a promotional video if you guys would check it out.

Anyway I think that is enough about me, at least for today 😉 , and I hoped you will come back soon to see what I have to say (or maybe just to look at some of my old photos that I will be posting as promised above, thats ok too.).

And till next time,






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