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I am honoured to be part of this powerful and cultivating organization, Miss Teen Canada –World (MTC-W), because of what it stands for and supports. The slogan Be your own Kind of Beautiful is an inspiring statement which is rarely advertised by media or accepted by society. Be your own kind of beautiful means that Beauty doesn’t have a definition. Beauty can be everything and anything.  Beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere. Beauty is all around us, just open your eyes! Unfortunately, Media has altered our perception of beauty by always portraying a certain image, however, thankfully to MTC-W it has been proven that diverse beauty is accepted and embraced. MTC-W has allowed girls everywhere, including me, to open our eyes and define in our own ways what beauty is!

Like I already said, Beauty can be defined in your own words. To me beauty is shown when someone is able to live a healthy lifestyle, be academically successful and lastly find ways to give back to the global community. Following these three major beliefs I am always working hard to meet excellence. And I encourage girls to do the same and not to aim for anything less. Truly, “Nothing Is Impossible!”

One of my greatest academic achievements was being awarded the Hodgert Award. This award is given to a student who is overall rounded in Academics, Citizenship and Athletics.  Alongside winning the honourable plaque, I was also able to achieve top grades throughout Junior high and was awarded multiple honour ribbons in all subjects. In grade 10, I was given the privilege to skip Grade 10 math. Although it comes with prestige, it was definitely one of the more challenging academic experiences I have had. Walking in as a grade 10 student into a class filled with Grade 11 students on my first day of high school was definitely nerve-wracking. Thankfully, I enjoy math and was able to preserver through the hard work. I am also participating in the IB program. I am currently taking Biology 30 IB and I love it! Learning information and knowledge that we can relate to our everyday lives is a rewarding.  I was also on the honour roll last year as well has the Roll of Excellence throughout Junior High.

Volunteering is one of the greatest passions in life. Over the summer I had the opportunity to travel to Iran and teach First Aid and CPR to a police force in Shiraz! The experience was remarkable and I was able to learn so much about public speaking and the importance of charisma, throughout the experience. While I was there I was also given the opportunity to teach English. I had a blast meeting new kids, teenagers and adults throughout the entire process. Outside volunteering in the global community, I am also active in my own community as well. I volunteer as a Reading Buddy at the Public Library, this programs enables young students to be encouraged to read and to be motivated to explore the great world of books offered at the public library. By reading to my buddy weekly, I encourage my little buddy to continue to expand her imagination and creativity through reading. Alongside reading buddies, my Dad and I coached my younger sister’s soccer team last year. Coaching the team was an rewarding experience, the girl’s enthusiasm and positive attitudes inspired me to take on a new perspective.  We are always looking for role models in media and sports, but have you ever noticed that children subconsciously can teach you more about life than anyone else? The girls on the soccer team reminded me of the importance of laughing at silly things, making new friends be just saying “Hi!” and always having a positive attitude. At school, I am also involved with a great volunteer club call Interact. We have many projects throughout the year such as Spread the Net. Spread the Net involved the entire school to help raise money to buy bug nets for children in Africa. Malaria is on a rise and our club took the intitive of finding a way to help. Alongside Interact, I also am on the executive team for the Environment Club. Throughout the year our goals are to raise awareness on environment issues. Our club has also Adapted-A-Park and clean the park up frequently.

Physical exercise is vital component in my life.  Did you know when you exercise hormones such as endorphins are released in your body causing you to feel happy! This is why some people can actually have addictions to exercise! Although, I don’t have an addiction to exercise I am still very committed to being active! I have been playing soccer for many years and I am privileged to be with a great team where we are all friends and every practice and game is filled with laughs. I earned Most Valuable Player for my Junior High’s soccer team and I earned the Gym Class Hero award for sportsmanship and athleticism in High School. I have also recently taken on a new challenge of improving my basketball skills by joining Cal-West Basketball Club. As well, I have earned B.C. and CPR C in Lifeguarding. I love participating in sports because it is a great way to establish leadership qualities, and at the same time, to learn how to work in a team. It is unfortunate that many people only go exercise to achieve a desired body type. My platform however, encourages youth to experience physical activity in a unique way that will essentially change how we view the idea of ‘exercising’. But first we must understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that 1 in 3 North Americans are not getting the recommended daily fitness? Are you one of them? Lack of exercise in our society is causing increase chances of heart attacks, strokes and cancers. Not only is this increasing mortality rates but it is also increasing our health care costs. As a soccer coach, I encourage children everyday to commit to living healthy and join school sports team. But it is not always about joining teams and going to recreation centers to be fit, it can simply be biking to school or even shoveling the snow; there are many ways we can be active while having fun!

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Written by: Bita Malekian

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