I’m so incredibly excited to announce that not only is my Mexico trip officially a done deal, but the families that are receiving houses have been assigned as well! I believe that because there is a larger group of people coming on the trip, we will be building for two families. This is really exciting for me because it allows me to put faces to who we will be meeting and creating relationships with! I also like knowing if there will be kids to play with – which there are 🙂 Here are the two groups of people we will be working with:

Felipa, Lazaro, Blanca, Fernando, and Ivan.

Margarita, Pedro, Raquel, Ernesto, Esmeralda and Margarita.

I can’t wait to know which family I will be spending time with, and I’m so excited to meet them! I’m also thrilled, albeit a bit nervous, to try out my Spanish. That’ll be interesting! If you’d like to read up on either of these families, including an overview of their current homes, and a little bit about their financial situations, click here, and then click on the tab called “projects”. The registration date for the trip I am going on has, unfortunately, passed, but if you’re at all interested in coming I would recommend emailing Live Different to see what they can do!

I also wanted to briefly mention that the finalists for Miss Teenage Canada are up on the website now! Check us all out here!

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