What a fun day! We were up at 5 am this morning and we’re finally getting to bed now at 12 am – so it was long but very rewarding 🙂

When we woke up we had a bit of time to get ready and then we were off to be on Global News. We were on at 7:20 ish for the local Toronto news, and then at 9 something for the national news! The newscasters drew names and questions for certain delegates to answer, and though the questions were quite tough, everyone spoke incredibly eloquently. I was really impressed (and proud of us!).

After we finished at Global, we went directly to visit the CN Tower! Personally, it was my third time being up, but it was still incredibly fun nonetheless. It’s funny how no matter how many times you see that beautiful view, it’s still breathtaking! We took lots of pictures and before we left, we did a lot of camera work for the promo video next year, which was really fun. I love how we can have a chance to really have fun and be silly! I’m also really glad that we got the chance to visit the tower – I know a lot of girls really enjoyed seeing it for the first time and I’m really happy that they got the chance!

We left the tower and went back to the hotel for food around two, and we had an hour or so to relax. After an accidental nap (oops!), we went to the Eaton Centre, which just so happens to be my favourite mall in the whole world! The centre is three floors of glass and gorgeous architecture and there are more stores than one can even imagine. We got an hour and a half to shop and look around (and buy Starbucks) and then we received $10 gift cards courtesy of the Eaton Centre to get dinner! Thank you so much to the mall for sponsoring us – it’s so cool to have been sponsored by my favourite shopping establishment!

After the mall was rehearsal, and I finally feel like my swimsuit walk is improving. Everyone that I ask has such good advice and really knows what they’re talking about, so I really appreciate everyone that has helped me out! After rehearsal I finally got my eyelash extensions done by the lovely Queenie from Golden Glamour Goddesses, and I couldn’t be happier with them! She finished them pretty late, so I wasn’t able to take a picture of them tonight. But I can’t wait to not have to wear mascara 🙂

Lots of rehearsing and a trip to Medieval Times are both on the agenda for tomorrow, so stay tuned for a blog post update tomorrow night!

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