I’d like to start this blog off by apologizing for missing yesterday – but I was exhausted before I got to bed and the day wasn’t incredibly exciting anyways! It was still busy, however – we started out by receiving breakfast in bed (Michelle, Christi and Courtney rock!) and then we headed upstairs of rehearsal. We rehearsed all of the choreography for finals night for a few hours, and then the ladies from Motives Cosmetics arrived to do our hair and makeup! I brought in pictures for what I wanted for both my hair and my makeup this time, and I was so happy with how it turned out. My makeup artist was especially amazing because she talked me through everything that she was doing, and she did a fantastic job! I absolutely loved the look that I got. When hair and makeup was finished, we were fitted for our bathing suits (which are BCBG brand! WHAT?!) and our shoes, which are really cute! Then we got an hour and a half or so to hang out in our rooms and get ready for preliminaries.







Preliminaries began officially at 9 pm, and they were a blast! Of course, I feel that I could have done better because I was a little nervous once I went on stage, but I had a lot of fun. I have no idea whether or not I made top 20, but I know that I’ll be happy either way!

The next day, we slept in for a bit, which was awesome. We were brought upstairs at 10:30 and we rehearsed for about six hours. During this time, the gorgeous top four photogenic girls got their hair and makeup done, and did their photoshoots! We also got fitted for our opening number dresses, which are white lace and are really cute. After rehearsal, those performing a talent got a bit of time to practice, and then we had a little while to get ready for the gala.

The gala started at 8 pm ish and it was absolutely amazing. 25 of us performed talents, and the rest of the girls presented their platforms. I was really impressed with how well-spoken and eloquent everyone was when they presented their platforms! All of the talent people did fantastic as well – I know that the judges will have a very tough job ahead of them as to deciding who will win the talent prize. I played my flute, and though it wasn’t my best work, it was really fun to get up in front of everyone and share what I love with them. Of course, everyone looked stunning in their fancy gowns as well.








It’s almost 2 am so I’ll probably be pretty tired tomorrow – but I knew that I had to get a blog up before finals night! I’m so excited for tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what it brings. By this time tomorrow someone will be crowned Miss Teenage Canada 2014, and I can’t wait to see who it is. Thank you so much for following me along on this journey – I know I had a ton of fun. Here’s to tomorrow being a success!

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