So today I will talk a little about my platform.

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I believe that everybody deserves a chance to live no matter what you’ve done. When something happens it all comes down to the last moment… You either live or you don’t. That is why for my platform I am raising awareness and recruiting people to donate blood. Just one donation can save up to three peoples lives.

As miss teenage West Calgary I became a youth ambassador and I am still volunteering at the Canadian Blood Services every Tuesday. I also created a promotional video for blood donation, which has been played at different events as well as recruited blood donors.

As Miss Teenage Canada I would be able to show the rest of Canada how important donating blood is. 50% of all Canadians need blood or know someone who will need blood at some point in their lives, but only 4% of Canadians donate. We have had a shortage for 6 years now. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood . As Miss Teenage Canada I would be able to organize national donation events or “What’s your type?” events. Just a teaspoon of your blood can save a baby’s life. Donations save more than 4.5million lives annually.

Donating blood is good for you too:

1. you get a free check up

2. you reduce your risk of heart disease by keeping iron levels in check.

3. you instantly burn 650 calories


So why don’t you donate?

Are you afraid?

I know… But the leukemia patient who needs blood is also afraid.

Don’t have enough time?

It only takes one hour and we have mobile clinics now.


You don’t have to be a police man, fire fighter or a doctor to be a life saver.

You can be a super hero.


Please check my presentation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvy0V8orSO8

& consider donating blood!

Thanks guys,




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