Since last Friday, I have had the opportunity to appear at two more events and I got lots of pictures that I wanted to share with you.

Friday, May 30th was the date of the Kingsland Farmer’s Market Street Food Festival. If you frequent my blog, then you know that a little while ago I was at the market for their Spring Fling festival! This most recent event was quite similar to the Spring Fling festival, but it focused on street food and food trucks. There were at least 15 food trucks that were at the event, and the Chinook Country Line Dancers were also at the event, which was pretty cool! The weather was gorgeous and the turnout was quite impressive. I, of course, had to have something to eat there – and I opted for tacos again (not surprising). The festival was really fun for all ages and it was great to be a part of!

Today, June 1st, was the day of the 50th annual Calgary Marathon! There were numerous races – a 5K, 10K, a half marathon, a full marathon, and even a 50K Ultra Marathon in honour of the 50th anniversary. I was able to volunteer as one of the finish line team members, and my job was to give out medals after the runners crossed the finish line. I saw so many athletic, inspiring, and impressive individuals and it was so much fun to be able to applaud them as they finished! Listening to the crowd cheer when the first marathon runner crossed the finish line was unforgettable. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and the race conditions were ideal. Congratulations to the Marathon for going strong for 50 years, and I hope that next year I might even be able to participate in one of the races! A big congratulations also goes out to all of the 16,000 runners today. Because of your participation, the Calgary Marathon was able to raise 1.1 million dollars to be distributed to various charities across Calgary.

I also wanted to quickly mention that I was in June’s issue of the SCA Gazette, the newspaper for my community! It was such an honour to be mentioned and I’m so happy to be representing where I live!

Thank you to everyone who helped make these past few days and events possible! I’ll conclude this post by letting you know that I have opened up an Etsy shop to sell bracelets that my mom and I have been making. The proceeds from these bracelets will go towards my pageant fees. If you want to check them out, click here!

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