Over the past few days I had the opportunity to participate in three different events. On May 22nd, I helped out for a few hours at the International Children’s Festival, and then later that day I performed at the St. Martin’s Spring Tea. Then, on May 23rd, I was able to volunteer again for the Children’s Festival, but working for a longer period of time and doing a different job!

On the first day, my shift started at 9 am. I was working in the craft tent, and for four hours I taught dozens of kids to make butterflies and crowns out of paper and pipe cleaners. Hundreds of children came through the tent while I was there – it was surprising to see so many bodies in one tent! The job was a lot of fun, though, and I had the chance to interact with a lot of little Calgarians. The tent was also right in Olympic Plaza over the pool, so there were many kids splashing around in the water. It was a gorgeous day to be out – thankfully it’s starting to seem more and more like summer here!
















After my shift ended, I went straight to the St. Martin’s Tea to perform my favourite flute piece, called Hypnosis. It was a really great performing environment, and I got to have tea and strawberry shortcake afterwards! I always love getting the opportunity to share music with others, and doing it while representing West Calgary was really fun!

The next day was my second day at the Children’s Festival, and this time I was volunteering on their “ambassador crew”. In essence, this position involved greeting school buses when they dropped off at the festival, and making sure the groups where getting to where they needed to be. I got to wear a bright vest and talk on a walkie talkie 🙂 This day volunteering was a lot more official and like a job, but it was still a lot of fun. Despite being there from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, the time flew by!

I HAD to pose with the CPO sign 😉

These past few days have been crazy busy, but incredibly rewarding. I’m loving having the chance to volunteer with my title and interact with my fellow Calgarians! Thank you so much to St. Martin’s and the Children’s Festival for having me!

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