Hey guys!

Let me just start by saying sorry. I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but it is exam week (I know lame excuse). Sorry! (^-^)

Alright now that thats out of the way I can tell you guys about the cool things I’ve been up too.

So recently I volunteered for the City Chase. If you’re not familiar with it, worry not I’ll explain. Essentially it’s like the Amazing Race but localized to Calgary. Teams of two decipher clues about the locations of chase-points and complete challenges to become the first team to cross the finish line. Chase points range from hamster ball races to selling cookies to eating caterpillars. I with the help of 2 amazing new friend was working the “Kids Play” Chase point. Racers had to complete a series of children’s tasks like hula hooping and frisbee tossing. It was a blast and all the funds go to different charities such as Kids Cancer Care or GoodLife Kids Foundation (supporting kids with autism).

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 6.50.12 PM

me in front of some of the first racers within the first hour of the City Chase

And as promised here is another one of the photos I took:

san francisco

San Francisco at night time.

Well thats all for today.



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