Because I will be leaving for Toronto TOMORROW, I wanted to post a final thank you to all of my sponsors, partners, and supporters throughout this journey. Each and every one of you has contributed towards this week and I am incredibly grateful for all that you have done for me!


First, I wanted to thank my official sponsors for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. If you are interested in checking out any of these companies, simply click on their link and you will be directed to their website.

Bridgehouse Asset Managers

Corey Low at Icon Orthodontics

Dave Severson at Time Music Studios

Frilly Lilly Aspen Landing

Laura at Sundrops Tanning

David Reinks at the Glossary Jewellery

Bev Parken at Park Lane Jewellery

Sharon at Splurge Flowers and Gifts

Dawn Kidd at Nucerity International

Chinese Laundry

Tony Chan (TinoPhoto)

Bradley Hartzler (Bradley Hartzler Photography)


A huge thank you also goes out to those who helped me with my Free the Children fundraiser, both by attending as vendors and by donating prizes. The turnout for the fundraiser was amazing, and we were able to put together an awesome door prize comprised of donations from all of the vendors!

Beverly Parken and Chauntel Swann at Park Lane Jewellery, both for their donations as vendors and their outstanding help with organizing the fundraiser

Amy Lemieux at Scentsy

Deanna Jones at Jockey Clothing

Jan Massinon at Arbonne Cosmetics and Skincare

Kerri Forcier at Epicure Spices

Chantelle Smith at Jamberry Nails

Laurel Sopher and Carla Stebbings-Davila at It Works!

Kate Newburn

Paisley Newburn

SCA Community Association 


Another important thank you goes out to everyone who purchased a bracelet off of my Etsy site, or who donated through me to Free the Children!

Beth Rushing

Bert Heembrock

Fadwa Khourieh

Graeme Newburn

Tom Newburn

Jordan May

Peggy Squires

Ellen Dockman

Kathy Ward

Natasha Brubaker Garrison

Bridey Connolly

Susan de Ridder

Kim Dejikhangsar

Patty Krier

Diana Bernier

Diane Warwick-MacDonald

Danielle Wahl

Jan Parent

Fiona Tower

Jill Thompson

Esther Jackson


And one last huge thank you goes to the organization my platform is based on, Live Different. I contacted this organization a little while after I was crowned to ensure that it was okay that I represented them, and they had no problem with it! Because of them I am able to go back to Mexico at the end of August and experience building another house for a family, and I am incredibly excited for it. I’m very happy to be representing them, and even have them linked at the top of my Facebook page.

I cannot thank all of you enough for your contributions towards my goals, and I am so happy with what I accomplished so far as Miss Teenage West Calgary. I’m incredibly excited for this week to come – so thank you for making it all possible!

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