If you’ve been in contact with me at all this summer then you probably know that I have developed a pretty huge obsession with America’s Next Top Model. It’s something about Tyra Banks’ beauty and brains combined with the really obscure and difficult challenges that the models face that make this show so good. And in the end, there is always one winner, and she takes away hundreds of thousands of dollars in modelling contracts and partnerships with companies.

Canada’s Next Top Model existed for a little while, but after three seasons it stopped airing, and it hasn’t come back since.

So while this show may not be an option for aspiring Canadian models, there is another competition that will bring about the same results! Top Model Search Canada is a pageant created by MTC-W Inc, the makers of Miss Teenage Canada! While it is fundamentally a pageant, Top Model Search Canada also provides opportunities for hopeful models to jump start their careers in the fashion industry. By flying in international model scouts and agents, each girl gets the chance to make an impression and, potentially, begin her career.

 At the end of the competition, Top Model Search Canada crowns more than just one girl. The winner receives the title of Miss Supranational Canada, while the runners up receive the titles of Top Model of the World Canada and Miss Supermodel Canada International! This means that all three girls are given the opportunity to represent Canada with their titles, and compete in their corresponding international pageants (Miss Supranational, Top Model of the World, and Miss Supermodel International). In addition, the winner of Top Model Search Canada will receive over 15,000 dollars in cash, scholarships, and prizes! She will also be featured in magazines and on television, will be given numerous photoshoots, and will be trained specifically on runway. These prizes give each winner the practice that they need in order to be successful in the modelling industry!

Now for the details: girls between the ages of 17 and 26 may enter. Because this is a modelling competition, Top Model Search Canada contestants must be at least 5’7 in order to compete. However, anyone under the age of 19 of any height may compete in Miss Teenage Canada! Contestants must also be Canadian citizens. The pageant itself will be held from August 12th to 17th in Toronto. If you are someone with ambition, drive, a love of fashion, and the passion for being on stage, then this competition is for you! Modelling experience is not needed – if you are willing to learn and practice, the Top Model Search professionals will teach you all that you need to know for the pageant! They aim to build confidence, grace, and ensure that each contestant knows everything that she needs to know about the modelling industry.









There are numerous award categories for the contestants in Top Model Search Canada. These include Swimwear/Fitness, Best Posing for Camera, Best Cover Model, Best Smile, Best Hair, Best Commercial Model, Best Editorial model, Best Spokesmodel, and Photogenic Appeal. There are a huge number of opportunities for participants to be recognized in the competition, and even those that don’t win awards still have the opportunity to be scouted by agents!

If you’re at all interested in getting into modelling and you enjoy meeting new people who have the same passions that you do, I highly suggest applying now! 40 contestants will compete in Toronto and will receive numerous workshops from the professionals. So why not allow yourself the chance to participate in the ultimate modelling pageant competition in Canada?

Good luck to all of the girls that will be participating in the competition this August! I wish I was able to compete this year, because it is such a great opportunity for aspiring models!

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